Saturday, October 01, 2005

Astronaut Won!

Woo hoo!

Just won an auction for a near mint 1969 Accutron Astronaut on eBay. Wish I could post pictures here [edit: since moving from LiveJournal to Blogspot, I can]. The price of $535 (plus $4 shipping) might have been at the higher end (although I've certainly seen higher), but it comes with the original box, hang tag, and strap, which add to the value.

Can't wait to see it in person. Hopefully it will arrive before Michiko and I head off on vacation to London on 10/10.

I'm also bidding on a 1969 Omega Speedmaster, but I'll doubt I'll win that, as they seem to be closing in the $1200 range, which is more than I bid.

Still nursing my cold, but otherwise feeling lucky.


Current Mood: bouncy


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